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Dragon fruit ice cream

Ice cream! When you say the word you feel like melting. Ice creams are favorite desserts or frozen food to enjoy for every special occasion. Ice creams give satisfaction no matter which flavor or brand you eat. The best ice cream gives the best feeling. Here I am making the dragon fruit ice cream. Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit with versatile taste and flavor.

Faloodeh is a traditional Iran dessert that includes vermicelli, dry fruits, nuts, jelly, and scoops of ice creams. This faloodeh/falooda is available in many countries with their distinctive flavors and adding of choices.

Kulfi is a milk-based ice cream flavored with chopped nuts served on special occasions and parties either in an earthen pot/colored plastic containers. They are also available in popsicle form.

Popsicles are fruit-flavored cold treats that mainly have fruit juice, sugar, and colors if needed. Yogurt ice creams are the low-fat option of creamy cold treats with fruits, nuts, chocolate, flavored cornflakes, fruit syrups/sauces to enjoy.

Vegan/vegetarian ice creams are using nothing more than coconut milk. Full-fat, creamy coconut milk. Other vegan milk substitutes, like almond milk or soy milk, are also used.

Fruit-based ice creams are healthier when comparing generic sugar-loaded artificial flavor loaded ice creams. This potassium-rich,antioxidant-rich,fiber-rich fruit is a treat itself. The omeg3 rich seeds of dragon fruit is an added benefit not to miss.

What do we need to make dragon fruit ice cream

Dragon fruit

Red dragon fruits guarantee the color when blends along with the cream. If you prefer white dragon fruit you will get the white ice cream.

Brown sugar

I am using brown sugar as the red color from the dragon fruit will balance the color from the dragon fruit. If you are using the white dragon fruit use regular sugar.

Whipping cream

Any brand whipping cream which has 35 % fat content will work on this recipe. Check the label of the whipping cream to ensure whether the cream is added with sugar. If the whipping cream contains sugar you can skip the brown sugar/sugar adding step.

Coconut cream

Coconut cream blends well with the dragon fruit and gives a refreshing taste when added along with whipping cream. If you are

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is used here to stabilize the flavor of the ice cream.

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Dragon fruit ice cream

How to make 4 ingredients dragon fruit ice cream

Course Dessert, Ice cream
Cuisine Asian, International
Servings 10


  • Hand mixer


  • Dragon fruit-300 gm
  • Brown sugar-100 gm
  • Lemon Juice from half a lemon
  • Whipping cream-300 ml
  • Coconut cream- 3 to 4 tbsp


  • Puree the dragon fruit.
  • Put the puree in pan.
  • Cook in low heat.
  • Add lemon juice.
  • Add brown sugar and mix well until the sugar dissolves completely.
  • Cook until it thickens slightly.
  • Keep aside for cooling.
  • Pour whipping cream in a mixing bowl.
  • Whisk the cream until it becomes frothy.
  • Add coconut cream and whisk again.
  • Whisk until it reaches the stiff peak.
  • Add the dragon fruit puree.
  • Mix gently in one direction.
  • Freeze in an airtight container for 6 to 8 hours or untilit is firm.
  • Scoop out the ice cream after 2 minutes you take out the from the freezer.
  • Decorate the ice cream according to your taste.


  • The whipping cream I am using does not contain sugar. Check the label of the whipping cream whether it contains sugar or not. Adjust the quantity of sugar if the cream contains sugar.
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How to prep dragon fruit

The appearance of the dragon fruit is hard. When to touch you can feel they are hard to the appearance only. They are not sharp like durian to feel. They have leather-like skin with spikes soft to touch. They are easy to peel as well. They look like kiwi because the seed is intact despite the taste. The flesh thicker and sweet than kiwi and creamy when used in ice creams and smoothies.

The white dragon fruit is mild in its taste and colour.

  • Clean and wash the dragon fruit.
  • Cut and remove both the edges.
  • Cut the dragon fruit into two parts horizontally parallel to the length.
  • You can scoop out using a spoon in this stage.
  • Cut the fruit gain horizontally parallel to the length again or cut into vertically to make the dragon fruit 1/4 of the whole dragon fruit.
  • You can peel the skin as we do with the banana. It will easily peel off.

Serving suggestions

  • Nata de coco
  • Wafer rolls, wafers
  • fresh fruits
  • Cherry

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