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Tofu wonton ravioli pasta-vegetarian recipe
Tofu wonton ravioli pasta-vegetarian recipe

Fresh ravioli is the best for Friday dinners. Eggless, cheeseless ravioli is on our plate today.

Ravioli is a type of pasta comes with filling inside the thin pasta dough. Usually, these ravioli are served with sauce or broth.

Usual square shapes are modified by creative chefs into circular and semi-circular shapes. Blanched greens and cheese are most used as the filling.

Premade ravioli is handy for weeknight dinners. You may notice the readymade frozen ravioli in frozen sections of supermarkets.

Wontons are usually steamed or fried. Types of tofu include tofu puffs, preserved bean curd, dried bean curd sheets and sticks,5 spice tofu, smoked tofu, silken tofu, firm tofu. Healthy firm beancurd is used in this recipe to make it more versatile.

Here, I tried with the store-bought wonton wraps. Tofu and shitake mushrooms go in for the filling. I used the homemade pasta sauce.


  • Wonton wraps-1 pack(approximately 44)
  • Firm tofu-200 gm
  • Chopped Shitake mushroom-6
  • Spring onion-2 stalks
  • Soy sauce-1 1/2 to 2 tsp
  • Pepper-to taste
  • Milk or cream-1/2 cup
  • Pasta sauce


  • Scramble the tofu into small chunks.
  • In a hot pan, add oil. Add mushroom and saute for a few minutes.
  • The mushrooms will start to release water now.
  • Add tofu, pepper and cook until the water evaporates.
  • Keep this aside for cooling.
  • Now add spring onion, soy sauce and mix them well till everything blends together.
  • Meanwhile, separate the wonton wraps. Always keep the unused wraps covered to avoid drying out.
  • Wet the corners of the wonton wrap using water.
  • Fill the centre of the wonton wrap with the tofu-mushroom stuffing and place another wonton wrap.
  • Press them gently to stick together. Make sure there are no gaps or openings.
  • Boil water in a big pan or pot. When you see bubbles in the water, add the wontons.
  • Cook until the wontons float on top of water. Take out the wontons from water and keep them aside.
  • In a hot pan add oil, add pasta sauce and bring it to boil.
  • Now add 1/2 cup of milk or cream and cook in low heat.
  • Add pepper and serve hot on top of ravioli.


  • Homemade ravioli can be made ahead and frozen.
  • While freezing the ravioli, arrange them with enough space between the ravioli in a tray.

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